Are you always looking for something different as a soccer/ football coach?  Or an experienced coach or teacher looking to mix things up in sessions? You’ve got your all the coaching essentials to support your team, from footballs, cones, bibs…but what else do you need? why not kick off your season in style and unlock your team’s potential, with your soccer skills cards and let your kids create their own football story and live out their dreams and generate their very own digital reward posters.

Want to know more…… then this is it,

Every young player’s love playing soccer with their teammates and often can’t wait to practice what they play on console games like FIFA, or try and be a football manager or even with player cards for example Match Attax or Panini stickers…dreaming to play like their favourite Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Wingers and Strikers on match day!

So, after the final whistle, as a coach you can reward your players as an integral part of their development by distributing personalised player cards for every member of your team and let them relive their success like never before, additionally the platform has amazing online features for the player to work alongside their parents to bond over the beautiful game to upload their results.

Here are 20 snippet points of feedback we have had from the Coach and Player and Parent using the soccer skills cards and platform

1-Digital card designer portal

2-Player rating per game generator

3-Take charge of your team’s progress and create memories

4-Ideal for any Grassroots football team

5-Gain a closer bond with your players by understanding what they want from you, the coach

6-Discover and develop your teams’ potentials and aids an analysis of your players performance

7-Personalised posters which are free to download, print and share

8-End of season presentation ideas with a difference

9-Unlimited fun with over 1400 cards covering all types of attributes in the game –


Positional, Speed, Reflex, Hands, Diving, Kicking.

Outfield players

Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, Physical, Defending, Pace

With additional limited edition gold, silver and value cards

10-Great way to motivate football crazy players

11-A learning tool for our school team using mathematics. Example a player maybe on 70 points for dribbling, how many points next game do you need to achieve to be on 80 points.

12- Kid’s premier, champions league birthday parties.

13- A great fundraising tool to generate extra funds for the team and club.

14- The Soccerskills cards are ideal for our players from ages

Under 7s,8s,9s,10s,11s,12s,13s,14s,15s,16s.

15- Ideal for teachers and coaches looking for new ideas for children to stay motivated

16- Great addition to any footballer’s game, bringing our players football dreams to life with personalised reward cards

17- A better way to get everyone involved in the game with more fun than ever before for football crazy boys and girls.

18- An entertaining rewards card game, praising players is an integral part of their development creating soccer memories.

19- Motivating kids of all ages with these super soccer skills cards

20- The ability to reward and record players progress across 10 games in a fun way for less than 99p per player per game!

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