What are the Soccerskills Rewards Cards -The easy-to-use powerful interactive rewards platform for coaches, players and teams, incorporating physical player reward cards.

How it works for your team and the benefits

1- The coach purchases the player card packs from the online shop (show what they get- all the cards, register, stickers)? Which will cover 10 games of the coach’s choice for 10 players (1 goalkeeper and 9 outfield) or 15 players (1 goalkeeper and 14 outfield). The coach has the opportunity to collate more than 6+ plus reward cards for less than £1 per game per player. It’s all down to the coach how they want to include.

2- The coach will have rewarded each player from 5-10 soccer stickers points for each of the following outfield players in their team Dribbling, Shooting, Physical, Passing, Defending, Pace. For the Goalkeeper, Hands, Reflex, Positional, Kicking, Diving, Speed on how they think that player has performed in the game using the Soccerskillscards register. As the excitement builds each week for the players for what is next in their pack, the coach will collate and distribute a pack of cards to each player in their bespoke wallets.

3- Additionally, everyone loves Silver or Gold cards; the coach can also award 1 player a “Silver Card” and 1 player the “Gold Card” per game. This may be awarded for anything the coach would like to request for the team- i.e., great attitude in training and clean boots. You decide. Plus, a “Value Card” this can be awarded for something different a player may have completed or achieved all added into the packs.

4- Once the player receives the pack of cards for that game, the parent will register the player onto the www.soccerskillscards.com platform to register for FREE. The parent will upload a full profile photo of the player, and the team at www.soccerskillscards.com we will do the rest. The parent will upload the results per game to their child’s portal to build points towards their players stats. Added bonus…The interactive platform has the ability to create a sponsor on the digital players card, this is a great opportunity for a business to sponsor that particular player or team, the parent just uploads the relevant sponsor logo.

5- Final whistle……at the end of the 10 games the player will have a fully completed digital file which the parent can print, share, download FREE of charge and great to ‘show and tell’ others. Fantastic for bedroom walls to presentations events. (show a picture of what they get). Each player can also keep their rewards cards for future memories.

6- This is a tremendous unique soccer coaching rewards game for everyone, for the coach to evaluate players performance, additionally players have the opportunity to evaluate how they think they performed in the game by handing over their bespoke results card to the coach at the next training session. This gives the coach ideas on what to work on in training for the team and how they think their players have performed.

7- Want to do it again …? The coach can start the process again for another 10 games, simply follow step 1.

                    Enjoy the fun with the soccerskillscards reward packs for all levels and abilities.

                                                            Reward, Collect, Earn

                                         Powered by our teammates at www.soccer20skills.com

The coaching kit box and website access includes-

Free access to the soccerskillscards.com website for the parent with guidance on how to use the platform.

Player photo and sponsor upload creation by the Soccerskillscards team.


  100 Passing Cards with box holder

  100 Pace Cards with box holder

  100 Speed Cards with box holder

  100 Shooting Cards with box holder

  100 Defending Cards with box holder

  100 Physical Cards with box holder


  100 Kicking Cards with box holder

  100 Hands Cards with box holder

  100 Reflex Cards with box holder

  100 Speed Cards with box holder

  100 Positional Cards with box holder


  100 Value Cards

Additional Bonus

  100 Outfield Feedback Cards

  10 Goalkeeper Feedback Cards

10 Silver Cards 

  10 Gold Cards

  1 Coaches register to keep track of players attendance and performance. 

  600 plus printed numbered football stickers

 20   branded stickers to personalise outer boxes for the players to store their cards


10 Players ( 1 Goalkeeper + 9 Outfield)- £99 + p&p Add to cart

15 Players (1 Goalkeeper + 14 Outfield) £147 +p&p Add to cart

To purchase your pack, visit the shop here – https://soccerskillscards.co.uk/shop/

A must have rewarding coaching game packs to interact with your team for less than £1 per player per game.